Bystander Saves Life

Thanks to quick thinking from a community member, a man’s life was saved.

Courtesy of Kirksville Daily Express

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Express Eight Q&A with Board President, Dr. Rickelman

February and Heart Month are coming to a close, but obviously heart health requires constant attention. What are some tips you’d offer people about personal changes they can make to improve their cardiovascular health?

The biggest to me is to move. People need to exercise for exercise sake. The simplest place to start is to walk. The common excuse I hear is there is no time. So start with small time increments. Five minutes, three times a day is still 15 minutes of walking.

Dr. Rickelman

Hospitalist at Northeast Regional Medical Center & NEMO Heart Health Board President, Dr. John Rickelman

A person has to make a commitment to themselves. I also believe in resistance training. Making our muscles stronger makes them more efficientnt and decreases the stress on the heart that daily exertion might cause. Finding a way to incorporate resistance training into a daily program should also be a priority. The simplest movement I encourage patients to do is the ‘sit to stand’ movement. Sit in a chair, clasp your hands together and very slowly stand yourself up without assistance. This works the major muscles of the legs and if a person gets to the point they can do this 10 times with minimal effort, their walking distance improves.

In the end it’s about investing in oneself and one’s own health. Exercise is a key component to anyone’s health. Of course before starting any program, especially if you have major chronic diseases, you should speak with your doctor or other health care provider.

Curious what NEMO Heart Health has been up to lately? Want to know more about the AEDs that are located in the Northeast Missouri community? Click here to read more!

Kirksville Rocks the Town Red for Heart Month

A total of 147 people from local businesses to medical personal wore red today to show support for NEMO Heart Health! Thank you to all the individuals and businesses who participated. With your support, we raised $2,230 dollars toward our mission! For more pictures of today’s event, check out our gallery!

February Heart Month 2016

Heart month is quickly approaching. Keep watching our website for events during the month of February!

Rock the Town Red – Friday February 12, 2016. T-shirt orders can be made online or by emailing us at They will be ready for distribution by Friday February 5, 2016. They are $15.00 and there is a picture on our homepage. We are encouraging everyone to wear red every day for the month of February!

February 20, 2016 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm Heart Gala “Don’t Gamble with Your Heart” – Casino night, Dancing, hors d’oeuvres , what could be more fun?

Heart Month 2015

NEMO Heart Health would like to thank everyone for making Heart Month a huge success.  Special thanks to HyVee, Northeast Regional Medical Center, Kirksville Daily Express and KTVO for all the great media coverage and partnerships in February.

NEMO Heart Health, with the communities help, was able to raise $40,000 during heart month between Gents and Joules, Rock  the Town Red and Celebrity Stride.

Check back here for future events in 2015!

2014 Heart & Sole Walk

2014 Heart & Sole Walk

Thank you for helping to make this years Heart and Sole Walk a success!  We had 163 walkers come out on a beautiful Saturday for the event.  With their help along with all the sponsors, we were able to raise $4667.00 which will be used to help maintain the 100 AED’s in the community!  Thank you for all your support and we look forward to seeing you next year!

NEMO Heart Health Makes a Donation

This summer NEMO Heart Health has been partnering with the Kirksville Parks and Recreation Department to bring the Kirksville community a little joy and physical activity on these warm summer evenings. The Neighborhood Block Parties at Memorial, Jaycee, PC Mills and Brashear Park have reached out to the youth of this community to bring fun-filled activities while stressing the importance of being healthy and active. The last block party held at Brashear Park on August 2nd, lead to NEMO Heart Health’s donation back to the Kirksville Parks and Recreation Department as a thanks for inviting us to work with them to serve this great community we call home!


NEMO Heart Health Makes KTVO News Again

Board member, Dr. John Rickelman making KTVO news at Jaycee Park Grand Re-Opening! Encouraging both parents and children to become more active here:

Our partner, nutritionist Carrie Snyder of Snyder Nutrition Services, LLC, did a great job representing us! See what she had to say about NEMO RAAWKS.