What is an AED?

AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator and is a small, portable device that sends an electrical shock to the individual’s heart only if it has stopped beating efficiently. An AED will not deliver a shock if it is not needed. It is about the size and weight of the average textbook. It provides audio and visual recordings that provide step-by-step instructions that will guide the rescuer through the process.


Who can use an AED?

AEDs can be used by anyone. The voice and visual prompts make it easy to use.


What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

This is a syndrome where a person’s heart stops beating for unknown reasons. This can happen to anyone–children, adults, elderly or even athletes. There are little or no warning signs prior and it can happen expectantly. Permanent brain damage can occur and so can death if blood flow is not restored immediately. Defibrillation is the only way to effectively resuscitate the victim whose heart has stopped beating.


What are the chances that an AED will save my life?

Only about 5% of the people who suffer a sudden cardiac arrest survive. Chances increase by 60% when using an AED. The chance of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest decrease by 7-10% for every minute a victim goes without defibrillation. After 10 minutes, it is rarely possible to revive the victim.


Why doesn’t every place in Kirksville have an AED?

Some businesses have regulations that do not allow an AED to be installed. It is because of this that the NEMO Heart Health Corporation has pushed for an ordinance in the city of Kirksville that requires an AED in businesses around the community.


Where are these AEDs located?

Currently, there are over 100+ AEDs installed in the Kirksville area.

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