About Us

Our History

The Corporation was started by a group of medical professionals in the Kirksville area in response to a tragic event. The tragic event occurred when a woman in need from a cardiac event was delivered by her friend to what they thought was the emergency room. However, this door was an entrance to the medical school and not the emergency room. Help rushed to her side and performed CPR, but an AED was not available. The founders of this corporation believed that this situation should never happen again. This tragic event was what set fire to the beginning of the NEMO Heart Health Corporation.


Our Current Work

NEMO Heart Health accomplished their original initiative of installing 50 AEDs in the first five years of the origination of the corporation. Currently, 100+ AEDs have been installed in Kirksville and its surrounding areas. NEMO Heart Health also has events like Gents and Joules, the Heart and Sole Walk and Rock the Town Red Day campaign, to extend its efforts to have a heart healthy community.


Our Future

In the future, NEMO Heart Health wants to continue to provide awareness of the importance of heart health and AED education throughout Northeast Missouri.  They will promote prevention of heart related conditions in youth through NEMO RAAWKS -a Childhood Obesity Campaign, cross fit programs in schools, and also Jump with Jill for their nutrition programs in their schools. These campaigns and programs will present a way to teach kids about activity and healthy eating in order to better prepare these youth for a healthy future. Along with awareness and prevention, providing education is also a major initiative of NEMO Heart Health. Education will be accomplished by informing citizens of the community how to properly perform CPR and use AEDs. There also will be a continued focus on gaining access to AEDs through purchasing, placing, and maintaining them throughout the community.

Our Location

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